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5 Super Easy “Adventures” to Make Valentine’s Day Extra Special

We are approaching another holiday that might look a bit different this year and the kids may not be able to do some of the regular Valentine traditions. So we put together a short list of really easy “adventures” that can be done with your kids (and modified for any age) to make the holiday feel a little special and create some great family memories.

Camp Inside

In most places in the country it is far too cold this weekend to do much outside, but a good inside camp out always makes things fun. If you have enough room, set up your tent and get out the sleeping bags. Or turn the dining room table into a fort with lots of blankets and pillows and sleep underneath. Take it one step further and make oven s’mores and hot cocoa and read books by flashlight.

Have a Tea Party

Dress up and invite the dolls, stuffed animals, and superheroes to an afternoon tea party. Set the table with the fancy plates and drink real tea. For younger kids, you can use play dishes and warm milk. Serve fun treats and snacks to make it an extra special snack time.

Take a Love Themed Adventure Walk

Head outside and search for signs of love and kindness. Or go on a hunt for heart-shaped nature objects. Bring a bag or basket to collect sticks, pinecones, leaves, and berries, and create your own hearts when you get back home.

Special Dinner

There are many  easy ways to make dinner extra special that your kids may love. We love to have breakfast for dinner, turn our dinner time into a restaurant (where the kids take orders and serve the food), or set up a make-your-own station (pizza or grilled cheese works well). For dessert, we love to do chocolate fondue with lots of fun choices for dipping (fruit, angel food cake, marshmallows) or make brownies and add fun toppings (nuts, white chocolate chips, caramel).

Make Reading Time Extra Special

Snuggle up by the fireplace or heater and read all of your love and kindness themed books. Or start a new chapter book or series that your kids can look forward to every night. My kids have been loving a few old favorites, the Little House on the Prairie series and the Fudge (Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing) series.