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From Our Family to Yours

Family photo of two parents and two girls

Hi there and welcome to A to Z Adventure Gear - the place where you can get the best baby play mat and activity gym for families that want freedom to travel anywhere.

Our goal is to create gear that make family adventures easier. We want you to be able to take trips and get out and about without lugging around bulky gear that is hard to clean and doesn't last.  

The Idea for the Lay and Play Adventure Mat

We came up with the idea for our Lay and Play Adventure Mat quite by accident. We were just a couple of parents with a toddler and a baby trying to travel and take our kids on adventures. We found that we were getting super frustrated with big, bulky baby gear that didn’t fit in our car or luggage. We were honestly shocked when we couldn’t find a travel baby activity gym and play mat anywhere on the interwebs….so that’s when we decided to create our own. 

Two parents in mountains
This is mostly a mama owned business run by Jamie, the Chief Everything Officer. I do everything from the orders and packaging to the social media and marketing. I often say “we” because it really is a family affair. My husband, Dylan, is the engineer who does our technical design work and helped come up with the idea. Our kids are our biggest cheerleaders, best helpers, and they often help with packing orders or giving me new sales ideas. 


Two girls
Our daughters’ names start with A and Z, so that was the inspiration for our brand name - A to Z Adventure Gear. Thanks Annabelle and Zoe for being our adventure inspiration always! 

Inventions and Ideas

This was NOT our first invention – many years ago – before marriage or kids, Dylan and I went on an around the world trip. Before we embarked on our journey, we had the idea to make some improvements to our backpacking packs. We knew that in addition to traveling and visiting cities, we would also be doing some longer hikes and wanted to have trekking poles for those adventures. Our resident engineer, Dylan, created a wheel system that transformed our backpacks into “wheelie" luggage using trekking poles as part of the frame.

We hope this is not our last invention – as our kids grow, we continue to come up with new ideas that we know will make adventures easier for families. Stay tuned for what is in store next!

 Sometimes the best memories come from the smallest adventures 

We strive to make gear that is tough, easy to clean, long-lasting and accessible to everyone.  

We also know that everyone’s adventure is different – for some, it’s a walk around the block or a trip to the park; for others, it may be climbing a mountain or going on a week-long trip to the beach. Whatever your adventure style is, we hope we can help your family enjoy your adventure!

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