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About Us

We are a small company based in the heart of Denver at the base of the Rocky Mountains. Our family loves to explore our beautiful state, and this inspires us to create gear that helps families get out and explore!

We believe that adventure, nature and fresh air is good for everyone.

As our kids have moved through different developmental stages, we have loved to watch them play and explore. Our goal is to create gear that enhances your family adventures. We strive to make gear that is tough, easy to clean, long-lasting and accessible to everyone.

The Idea and the Journey behind the Lay and Play Adventure Mat: 
While we were adventuring and traveling, we found that we were using random condo furniture, linking chains and couch cushions to “make” something to hang toys for our baby to play with while we ate and cooked. We wondered why there wasn’t a compact, portable play mat. We searched and couldn’t find what we were looking for on Amazon or Google. We decided it must not exist, so we created our own. By the end of that summer we had a decent prototype that we could take to the pool, the park, camping and even to grandma’s house. Over the next few years, we tinkered, made changes, asked questions, and did research. We found a manufacturer and successfully completed the Consumer Product Safety Bureau ASTM safety testing and finalized our product.

Thanks to all of the babies and parents who helped us test our prototype and gave us great advice for improvements and changes. We are really proud of our Lay and Play Adventure Mat, and we hope you love it too!

We also know that everyone’s adventure is different – for some, it’s a walk around the block or a trip to the park; for others, it may be climbing a mountain or going on a week-long camping trip. Whatever it is we hope we can help your family enjoy your adventure!

Adventure Awaits, 
Jamie, Dylan, Annabelle, Zoe and Dexter the Dog