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Skiing in the time of Coronavirus

During times of social distancing, the ski lodges and restaurants may not be open to warm up and/or get food and drink. Here are a few tips that seem to work well to keep our kids happy when things look a little different on the ski mountain.


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With little kids we really depend on going in the lodge to warm up and take breaks. Here are a few things we brought and did that helped replace some of the comforts of the lodge.

  • Propane Fire Pit and Camping Chairs - we made our own warmth and seating area in front of our car in the parking lot. It felt so great to warm up our fingers and toes a bit and these things don’t take up too much room in the car.

  • Hot cocoa – We made a full thermos of hot cocoa before we left home and brought cups for everyone. It was still plenty hot at lunchtime and so nice to have a hot drink to warm us up!

  • Cups/Plates/Napkins/Wipe-ups - It is much easier for little kids to eat off a plate on than trying to balance everything in their lap. Don’t forget the wipe ups and napkins!

  • Extra water - We brought full water bottles for everyone plus some extra. It was nice to not have to go inside the lodge just to fill up water.

  • Extra masks - We used a combo of masks and also our regular neck warmers, but they both get kind of wet after a full day skiing. I wish we would have brought extra masks that we could have used at the end of the day - it was zero fun putting on a cold wet mask to go to the bathroom on the way home.

We most likely could have gone in the lodge (each ski resort seems to have slightly different rules) and filled up water or bought hot cocoa, but it just felt nice not feeling like we had to go inside more than necessary.

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