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Our Lay and Play Adventure Mat was designed to make your travel and adventures with your new baby easier, plain and simple. 

But, as a family who travels a lot with kids, we know that travel is A LOT more complicated that an easy to use piece of gear. So we've put together packing lists and activity checklists for you to download and print. 

Travel and Trips

Bigger Kids Packing List - If you have bigger kids, this list will help take some of the work load off of you and give your kids some independence. You can print this and write in the number of items you want your kiddo to pack depending on the length of your trip. It's fun for them to lay everything out on their bed or floor by themselves and check off their list. You can then double check together as you put things in the suitcase or bag. 

Family Camping Packing List - Download this list for easy reference to make sure you don't forget anything on your next family camping trip. 

Family Hiking Packing List - A quick reference to help you get out the door with ease next time you take the family hiking. 

Adventures Near Home 

A Year of Mini Adventures - A list of over 40 quick and easy adventures that you can do in your neighborhood and backyard. 

7 Ideas for Fun Walks for Kids - Jazz up your next walk with these fun and easy ideas to turn your daily walk into a mini-adventure. 

Ready for School Printable - Remove the stress from the morning chaos with this picture visual that makes it easy for everyone, including non-readers to remember their things 

Winter Trips and Adventures 

Skiing/Winter Weather Packing List - Going skiing or heading out for winter fun? With the right gear it will be a great time for everyone - download this list so you don't forget anything. 

Ski Bag Checklist for Kids - Are your kids big enough to pack for themselves? This simple checklist will help them pack their own things and give them a sense of independence while taking some of the workload off of mom and dad. 


We hope these lists are helpful for you and your family. We hope to create more lists soon. Do you have an idea for a great packing list or how to guide? Let us know at hello@atozadventuregear.com