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These fun freebies are for you to download and enjoy. Come back often since we will keep adding more. We hope these are helpful for your next family adventure! Do you have an idea for a great packing list or how to guide? Let us know at

 Family Hiking Packing List

Dad hiking with baby on back in hiking carrier


Family Camping Packing List

Let’s face it the idea of camping with kids sounds like so much work. It is a ton of work, and you need a ton of stuff, but it is so worth it. You will create great family memories and give your kids an experience they won't forget. This list will help make sure you don't forget anything. Download Here. 

 Toddler in red jacket and snow pants walking along sidewalk with snow on either side 

Winter Scavenger Hunt

If you are anything like me, sometimes you need a few tricks to get your kiddos excited about heading out and taking a walk. Typically, I find that once my kids are all bundled up and out of the house, they have a great time, but sometimes we need the promise of a little extra fun to get us out the door. Download Here. 

I find that a super simple scavenger hunt usually does the trick. It gets the kids focused on looking for the items on the list and often we end up finding really fun things that are not even on our list.

This is a great way to observe and think about our surroundings differently. It’s fun to see what they notice and, sometimes I take the opportunity to ask some follow-up questions to help them think a little deeper. Other times, I just let them enjoy and explore!

Two kids sitting on a ski chairlift

Skiing/Winter Weather Packing List

I don’t know about you but the mental load of trying to remember everything you need to bring can make this task harder than it really is. I tend to forget the obvious things (like my own jacket!), so if I have a list that I can cross off and look at as we are packing that it saves me time and energy. My husband and I usually pack different items (he does skis, boots etc. and I do more of the clothing items) so this ensures that we don’t forget something obvious by thinking the other one packed it (did I mention we forgot my jacket earlier this year?). Download here.

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Bonus Download (included with the above link):

Printable ski bag checklist. Do you have kids who are big enough to pack their own ski bags? I’ve included a ski bag checklist that you can print out and give to them to check off. Or better yet laminate it (or use clear tape to cover it) and use a dry erase marker each time. Download Here.