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Outdoor Adventure Bundle

Outdoor Adventure Bundle

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This set is a game changer for the adventure loving family with a new little one. The Lay and Play Adventure Mat is designed specifically for all of your outdoor adventures and Happy Campers is the everything-you-need guide to a stress-free and fun family camping trip. 

Lay and Play Adventure Mat:
✔️ Packable, lightweight and compact 
✔️ Made of high-quality rugged materials specifically for outdoor use
✔️ Easy to clean and machine washable
✔️ Supports developmental milestones and movement while on-the-Go

Happy Campers: 
This easy to use guide was designed to give you all of the information you need to plan that family camping trip you've been dreaming about. 
✔️ Everything you need to know to decide where and when to go
✔️ Gear lists, clothing recommendations, meal planning and food ideas
✔️ Sleeping best practices, bathroom tips, ideas for fun and so much more! 

Instant access PDFs include all of the above plus four bonus sections with printable packing lists, gear recommendations, bonus tips and tricks and information on dispersed camping. 

Lay and Play Adventure Mat Product Details and Specifications

  • Assembled Mat Size: 32" x 32",  19" tall when assembled
  • Packed Size: 16" long x 6" diameter 
  • Weight: Less than 2 lbs. (24 oz)
  • Materials: water repellent ripstop nylon
  • Frame: lightweight and sturdy aluminum tent poles
  • Rings: BPA free food grade silicone rings
  • Includes 3 adjustable velcro toy hanger straps and 3 ring toys 


  • We’ve passed rigorous testing by a Consumer Product Safety Bureau approved lab
  • All components meet the most recent ASTM safety standards for baby products