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7 Ideas to Make Your Next Walk with Kids More Fun


Sometimes your daily walk can get a little boring. Here are 7 fun ideas to jazz up your daily walk with your kids. Click here if you would like to print a copy so your kids can have fun checking off the activities. 

Go on a number or color hunt

Pick a color or number and search for them on your walk. Look for red cars, red signs, red flowers etc. Or search for things in groups of numbers - 2 dogs, 2 flower pots, 2 people walking...

Take a "friend" for a walk

Let your child pick their favorite stuffy, doll, truck, or lovie and put them in a stroller, wagon, or carry in a basket. Show them your favorite things as you go on your walk.

Deliver a note

Draw a picture or write a note to a friend or neighbor that lives nearby. Head out walking to deliver your note to their mailbox or front porch. You can also walk to the nearest mailbox and mail a letter to a friend or relative that lives further away.

Choose your own adventure

Let your kids pick the direction you go. It's fun to take turns picking left, right, or straight at each corner. For bigger kids, you can use east, west, north, and south to make it more challenging.

Create your own obstacle course

Use the objects you find on your walk to create an obstacle course. Walk on a retaining wall, jump off steps or a big rock, spin in circles at each corner. Use your imagination and make it fun!

Collecting treasures walk

Grab a bag, basket, or bucket and collect treasures along your way. Sticks, rocks, different colored leaves, the options are endless!

Pick a destination

Make your walk a little more exciting by picking a destination - cupcake store, ice cream shop, library, nearby park? Figure out a fun destination in your area and head there.

Make sure you have your Lay and Play Adventure Mat with you if you head to a nearby park. It's great for little sister or brother to play on while the bigger kids play and it is also great for a diaper change or snack break for bigger kids. 

Easy diaper change at the park 

Looking for more ideas? Check out and download our free printable with easy mini-adventures for the whole year.