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What do you really need on your Baby Registry?

Wondering what to add to your baby registry or need ideas for a great baby gift?

I recently had a fun Q&A with Pediatric Nurse Practitioner, Laura Vanston, founder of Inspire Pediatrics. She is expecting her first baby in December and we chatted about what items she recommends to have on hand when baby arrives from the perspective of a medical professional who works with babies everyday. We also talked about some of my favorite baby gifts and found out that there are a few that I still have even though my baby shower was over 10 years ago! 

I remember feeling overwhelmed trying to think about all of the different baby items available and trying to figure out what I really needed before my baby was born, so it was really fun to chat about some items a medical professional thinks are important to have.

Baby Registry Ideas

Health and Wellness

  • Thermometer x 2  (one for the forehead for screening and checking while baby is sleeping and one rectal for more accurate infant temps)
  • Suction Device
  • Saline for babies
  • Humidifier
  • Hypoallergenic lotion and soap

Getting Out and Traveling with your Baby

  • Baby Carrier (soft)
  • Portable Sleep System (i.e. pack and play & slumberpod)
  • White noise
  • Hiking backpack
  • Travel stroller (with travel bag)
  • Lay and Play Adventure Mat to give your baby a chance to get out of the stroller or car seat and enjoy floor play anywhere you go

Experiences and Non-Physical Gifts 

If you would like to listen to our whole discussion, you can watch the whole Q&A video on IG Live.  Laura has also written a blog about her registry recommendations with links to find all of the items.