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Finding Discounted Gear for Babies and Toddlers

Do you have a new baby and are trying to find the right gear for this season without breaking the bank? Or are you going through all of your old cold weather gear trying to find out what fits and what doesn't fit your kiddos?

We just had some snow and I realized that only one of my kids had snow boots that fit. #momfail

Babies and kids grow fast, and these new seasons sneak up on us quickly and we need gear that fits and keeps your kids warm and dry.

To help you out during this season, I’ve put together a quick list of some of my favorite places to get discounted gear for your babies and kids. 

LittlesGo - Rentals and resale for kids ages 0-5
This is a mama owned business that just started a few months ago. They have a very similar story to ours and I had a wonderful chat with the owner, Meghan last week. 

You can head to their website and browse through their previously loved items. Or if you need something specific for a trip or a one-time adventure, you can rent gear by the day, and they will send it to you (or your destination). I love this idea, especially if you are taking a trip and know you will only use the gear once during the season. Use code LETSGO10 for 10% off your order. 

Outlet and Discount Stores - For deep discounts on new gear

Outlet Stores
If you live near an outlet mall, check out some of the outdoor gear shops for great deals on layers and outerware for your crew. I've had great luck at Columbia and North Face for babies and kids ski/snow suits. 

Discount stores
Sierra Trading Post, Ross and TJ Maxx, don't always have a huge selection or variety of sizes, but these can also be good places to look for cold weather gear. 

Pro tip
For toddlers and bigger kids that tend to lose mittens on the playground at school or day care, I stock up with a few simple pairs of mittens/gloves from the Dollar Store. These usually work for most days when it is cold but not super snowy and wet. This helps (mostly) with not losing our best gloves and mittens.

My favorite places to find previously loved gear

Online Marketplaces and neighborhood groups
Keep an eye in online groups for people posting nearby you that are getting rid of gear that doesn’t work for them anymore. I've had great luck finding cold weather gear here, especially with coats and boots for babies and toddlers since they outgrow them so quickly. 
Quick tip: if I am looking for something specific, I do an ISO (in search of) post and I almost always find what I need. Lots of people have things that they are ready to get rid of but haven't had time to post it so if you do an ISO post you may just find the right match.  

Garage sales: 
It’s not really the time of year for garage sales in most parts of the country, but I’ve found some of my best gear at garage sales. I've had great luck, especially for bigger things like bike trailers, hiking backpacks and kids bikes. So, if you have things that you don't need now, but may need in the summer, you may want to wait and keep your eye out during spring garage sales. 

Final tip - Find hand-me-down buddies 

In most cases clothes and gear that are made well and made to last can be handed down through several kids. This is a great way to help gear and clothes stay out of the landfill and saves you money from always buying new stuff. Finding and older kiddo in your neighborhood that is willing to pass down their stuff to your kids is a great way to save you money and give some extra life to perfectly good items. 

Also, I find it MUCH easier for my kids (and me too) to say, “this doesn’t fit anymore, let’s give it to the little girl across the street.” It is fun for my kids to see their neighbor friends wearing their old stuff and it feels like a more organized and practical way to handle things that have gotten too small.

PS - We made our Lay and Play Adventure Mat with extra tough materials so it will last for multiple kiddos. 

As your babies get bigger, you can use it without the frame to stay clean and dry anywhere you go, and we hope you pass it down to a friend or neighbor when your kids don't need it anymore.