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How to Make your own Travel First Aid Kit

I don’t know about you, but anytime that we were heading out on a weekend getaway or a longer trip I used to run around the house at the last-minute packing up band-aids, antibiotic cream, and the thermometer “just in case” and then I was throwing in our regular medicines too. It was always my last-minute thing, and it was causing a ton of stress as we were running out the door.

Creating a second set of regular medicines and first aid items that are ready-to-go for your family travel and adventures is an incredible time-saver.


Steps to Make your own Travel First Aid Kit

First, think about what works for your family and what you regularly use:

• Are there daily medicines that you need to have on hand?

• Does anyone in your family get motion sickness?

• Think about both kids and adults when you are putting together your kit

• Be sure to label and add dosage information

What to add to your travel first aid kit?

Here are some ideas broken down by some major categories, make sure to think about what your family uses and adjust accordingly:

Cuts and Scrapes: 

  • Bandages of different sizes
  • Antibiotic cream
  • Something to clean a cut
  • Tweezers for splinters
  • Small nail clippers
  • Alcohol wipes

Allergies and Stings: 

  •  Hydrocortisone cream or antihistamine cream
  •  Antihistamine pill or liquid for both adults and kids
  • Daily allergy medicine 

Pain and Fever Relief: 

  • Ibuprofen 
  • Tylenol or acetemephon

Upset Stomach: 

  • Motion sickness medicine
  • Antacid
  • Heartburn relief


  • Thermometer
  • Any regular daily meds

What’s the best way to pack and organize your travel first aid kit?

It drives me crazy that all of these different pills come in odd-shaped bottles and containers and you won't need a whole bottle when are traveling. So, I went to my local dollar store and found a small plastic organizer with a lid (I think it may have been intended for sewing or crafts) to create my travel first aid kit. 

Little girl holding first aid kit container

For liquid medicines I make sure to have a couple of different dosage syringes and the bottles of liquid medicine in ziplock bags so they don't spill. 

Make sure you label and add in instructions for dosage for each item in your kit. You can tear off the label from the bottle and tape it inside your container or use a marker to label each spot.

Taking the time to label your kit now will ensure it is functional for you for the long term. It's easy to think that you will remember what you have put in, but if it is a pill that you don't use frequently, you may forget what it is or how often you can take it. 

       DIY Travel First Aid Kit     DIY Travel First Aid Kit with stuff sack for carrying      DIY First Aid kit packed in stuff sack

     I keep my first aid kit box, a thermometer and the bottles of liquid medicine in a small stuff sack that I can just grab when ever we are going to head out traveling.